Monday, September 9, 2013

Game Design 

Many people start playing games and one day they start saying to themselves hey I want to do that for a living or just to brag to your friends about your game design skills. Later you find out you actually need to study 4 years C# programming, high level Maths. I'm here to tell you casual gamers out there about the best way to get started in this type of career or for fun the best programmes, tutorials and script that's the most popular to learn from.

Best Programmes for game design

Rpg Maker Intermediate
An easy to use programme for a beginner if you only into making Rpg games with easy to write events to make a typical final fantasy game.The coding part is written in Ruby Language(not Ruby on Rails) which is not really bad to learn from but to code from scratch will be somewhat of a challenge if you want to make your game original everything is already coded in.

Game Maker   Beginner
Game Maker enables you to create your own Windows computer games. Built in drag and drop actions can be used to create simple games in a multitude of genres: platform, role-playing games, arcade games, 3D games and even your own unique ideas.
Once you have become familiar using drag and drop you may want to learn Game Maker's built in scripting language, GML, which enables you to extend the possibilities of your creations.

Construct 2 Newbie
Construct 2 is a 2D game making systym that uses HTML 5.Really easy to use for guys who wants nothing to do with learning how to code.

Pygame Beginner
Pygame deals with the Python programming language. This makes it a very big contender, just like all programming languages its easier than C# language to master. However, this program, with the many countless tutorial books makes it easier to grasp every concept required in making games. If you are new to programming or just don't like it this is the best way to get started

Unity3D Advanced
This has a couple of high level programming languages such as Unityscript/Javascript,Boo and C#. This is basically the idea behind Unity 3D, and it upholds that same ideal very well because it takes a very hands-off approach to your design. There are many different tutorials on how you can get started on this engine, so starting now might be beneficial to you.

5 Steps to Making Money With Your Games

Step 1
Build a game that is polished, has an easy to understand game mechanic, and appeals to a wide variety of people I suggest you make great freeware games first! If you have made a free game with over 50,000 downloads, you could probably be successful selling games too!If you don't feel confident about the quality of your games, I recommend going down the HTML5 route. Web games are often of poorer quality than desktop or mobile games, because the player isn't usually paying for them, and most people have lower expectations with web games as they are often just looking to kill time.

Step 2
Don't be cheap when it comes to marketing, you get back what you put in if your game meets criteria #1 some of the places to market are.Mac App Store, Windows, Desura.

Step 3
Be responsive to your customers- bugfixes, content packs etc.Give your game a website,blog, facebook, adfly to get traffic in and set up an e-commerce provider like Plimus, BMT-Micro, or eSellerate! They take around 10% of the sale price and in exchange do digital download, credit card transactions, and even mail you a check each month! etc.

Step 4
Don't overstate the market. Keep an eye on trends, and know when people are getting tired of seeing something. If you make a successful game don't just sit back and swim in your pool of money (like the angry birds guys), make a new game and repeat the process.

Step 5
constantly learn from others who create also shareware games  Release your game for free and sell content. The freemium business model is a huge success and people are making a killing with it. But it requires some pretty careful planning because you want the free game to be compelling enough that people will continue to play it and tell their friends even if they aren't spending any money themselves. Alternatively, you can do some sort of mix of freemium and paid, where you offer a lowish price point and sell premium content.

Best places to dowload the programmes and learn Scripts, Tutorials and videos
Rpg maker VX Ace     Videos         Tutorials         Scripts
Gamemaker 8.1          Videos          Tutorials        Scripts
Construct 2                 Videos          Tutorials
Pygame                      Videos            Tutorials
Unity 3D                    Videos           Tutorials          Scripts  _______________________________________________________________________________

The most Important thing about game design is patients and always remember to have fun!!!